Future PLM Connection between Physical and Virtual Worlds – Google Power Meter

Do you remember, PLM Think Tank is about future crazy ideas? So, here you go one that I liked very much. However, let me tell you few words before. During these days, a lot of innovative presentations were done on DS Customers Conference in Orlando. Demonstration connection of virtual and physical worlds was part of Bernard Charles presentation on DSCC. You can find an interesting summary about it from Jim Brown in his blog. I had chance to write about 3DVIA mobile early on plmtwine too- Connect PLM with World Content.

However, back original topic. The idea sparked in my mind when I was reading about Google PowerMeter. Take a deeper review here.The bottom line Google’s services via special devices will be able to monitor power consumption in your house…. cool?I think so too.

However, this is not all. Now let’s dream. Since these special devices (you see announcement about the first device here), will be more and more connected to all electrical devices in your house (fridge, hairdryer, owen and… in the future, if you will be using an electrical car plugged in your house). This is an excellent place where initial device usage information will be gathered from consumers. Now imaging, if such information will be magically available to designers and manufacturers of all consumer goods, automobiles etc. You can open a lot of new opportunities how to design better products in the future.

Isn’t it a good innovation for future PLM products? I think we will see more and more connections between the PLM and consumer world in the future.

do you think about this?

Best, Oleg

2 Responses to Future PLM Connection between Physical and Virtual Worlds – Google Power Meter

  1. Vladislav says:

    Sorry, but I can’t see connections between PLM and google/powermeter.

    Nice x-meters? It’s already exists for some DB (for example Oracle)

  2. Vladislav, The point is that PLM intent to make product design better. Now, considering PLM system can be connected to future data produced by multiple devices in your house, we can make these products better. This is not for tomorrow, but signs and direction is clear, in my view… Thanks for your comment! Oleg.

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