3D Perspectives: Connect PLM with World Content

My new post on DS 3D Perspective Blog today.

Picture 13I’m sure you already had chance to see the new 3DVIA Mobile application, and  I’ll bet you find it really cool. However, all the discussions around mobile applications and 3D got me  thinking about a connection between two worlds created by this application – the virtual word and the physical world.

The virtual world – we live it all the time when using software to create  our products, designs, projects and models. The physical world is everything surrounding us. All products we design and manufacture will live in our physical world.

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One Response to 3D Perspectives: Connect PLM with World Content

  1. […] Future PLM Connection between Physical and Virtual Worlds – Google Power Meter Do you remember, PLM Think Tank is about future crazy ideas? So, here you go – one that I liked very much. However, let me tell you few words before. During these days, a lot of innovative presentations were done on DS Customers Conference in Orlando. Demonstration connection of virtual and physical worlds was part of Bernard Charles presentation on DSCC. You can find an interesting summary about it from Jim Brown in his blog. I had chance to write about 3DVIA mobile early on plmtwine too- Connect PLM with World Content. […]

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