How Business Intelligence Influences PLM?

At the beginning of the year, I blogged about Business Intelligence and its potential connection to Product Development and PLM . Since then, thought about BI and its possible influence on product development and the manufacturing business. Let me explain why I think that there is good potential for this connection and how we can make it happen:

Connecting Business Intelligence (BI) and PLM would provide the following benefits:

– Cost calculation and prediction.

– Better impact analyzes

– Product configuration and optimization

What are challenges? In my view, the biggest challenge is to connect PLM to BI databases and backbones. Most system architectures in this space are incompatible. In this context, the experience of SAP and some other vendors in trying to integrated and acquire BI stacks is very interesting. It is similar to ideas of operational BI.

What are the potential technological routes? Companies loaded with Microsoft technologies have an easy option to try Microsoft BI and use some of the Excel-related applications. Another option is to invest in big backbones connected PLM and BI stacks. In context of all cloud discussions, an interesting option would be to use SaaS based BI options.

I am interested in hearing your feedback and learning more about your experience in this area.

5 Responses to How Business Intelligence Influences PLM?

  1. Viral Patel says:

    Oracle with its stack of BI tools (including Siebel) has come up with good integration roadmap for its Agile PLM. They are building Quality (NCMR, CAPA, SCAR etc..) and Project Management related dashboards.

  2. Hello Viral, You are absolutely right. Oracle did it with Agile and trying to leverage Oracle AIA. In parallel, I can see SAP experiments with Business Objects. Excel services and MS BI offering can be integrated as well. Thanks, Oleg.

  3. Gav McDermott says:

    IBM’s Cognos and PLM team’s are providing capability over and above the inbuilt BI and reporting in PLM tools.

  4. Hello Gav. Thanks for comment! Do you have any additional information what type of the scenarios are supported?
    Thanks. Oleg/

  5. […] Bing, Bong, BI… where is my PLM decision? I watched many videos and demos related to Microsoft Bing during the last few weeks. Actually, I liked the idea of a “decision engine” behind a search. So, after experimenting with different types of searches, I finally came to the conclusion that the concept of Decision Management is very close to the discussions on Business Intelligence that we had before. If you haven’t had the chance to read them, here are a few of  the previous PLMtwine previous posts. […]

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