4 Responses to How Can You Deliver Business Intelligence for PLM?

  1. Alec Gil says:


    Another excellent topic, which I believe is related to the thread on collaboration from last week. In my company we are currently involved in a number of Continuous Improvement efforts. After mapping out current state of several business processes, it is becoming clear that many existing opportunities for improvement involve gleaning the information from a number of disparate systems and then making decisions based on a sort of composite view of information from these systems. We are starting to think about putting together a kind of a dashboard that will consolidate various metrics associated with a particular product design process, a failry daunting task because of the dispersed nature of the data. Some of it is in our ERP system, some in PLM, and a fair portion is in the various spreadsheets and ad-hoc databases. One example involves a fairly dynamic situation where our customers may change the product requirements or change a delivery date, and all of this has to be communicated, re-scheduled and re-prioratized with the design organization. In other words, design changes controlled in the PLM system are triggered by events outside of the system and the resulting outcomes (changes to the product structure?) must be communicated to yet another system at the appropriate points in time. Unfortunately , the underlying communication and coordination elements do not exist in any of the systems, at least out of the box, and they are sorely needed.

  2. Alec, Thanks! Composite applications in my view can solve this problem. We need to watch more composite apps in the future. Regards, Oleg

  3. I really liked your blog!

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