Thinking Outside the Box About PLM

May 19, 2011

This is my presentation from today’s discussion on Eurostep 2011 forum.

For more information about the event follow my twitter on #eurostep2011 from today and tomorrow.

Best, Oleg

PLM Prompt: PLM Industry Learning Test

July 16, 2009

I’ve been reading amazing post by Larry Cheng about learning. “Look back 3–5 years from today and ask yourself if you could have been substantially more effective at your past job in your present form.  If you look back a few years and feel like in comparison to who you are today, you had little idea of what you were doing and would have done things a lot differently given what you now know, that’s a telltale sign of learning and growth”.

Now, I’m thinking about PLM industry and about what we did for our customers 3-5 years ago…

  • What do you think about products we released 5 years ago?
  • Do you think we are doing better now?
  • What are you feeling?

Just my thoughts…Best, Oleg


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