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Dear Friends,

I’d like to introduce a new type of discussion on Daily PLM Think Tank-PLM Prompt. Sometimes, I really want to say something short, but I cannot cut it to the 140 chars limit on Twitter:). So I will try this and if you enjoy readying this format and see if it “prompts” a good discussion.

How to Clean PLM from Complexity Disease?

3D Publishing, CAD and Online Google Graphic…

Can I report to my PLM from Audi A8 via Google?

Outlook Social Connector

How To Present Cloud PLM Solutions?

Office and SharePoint 2010 Public Betas now available for download

Google Image Swirl User Experience

Amazon RDS and Future PLM Apps on Cloud

Open BPM Tools… Oh Yes! It’s Free. But where is PLM?

A Roadmap to PLM Success

Google Sites API enables PLM collaboration

Enterprise Buzzwords or How Many Applications Do We Need?

Integrated PLM and ERP:  Killer Ideas or Controlled Innovation

Real CAD from Cloud is coming?

Product Data Visualization in MS Excel 2010

Future of 3D CAD in touchable holography?

Non-PLM as an opposite to PLM

Blender Open Source for 3D

Google Image Recognition and Technical Documentation in PLM

Cloud – Is it the last file storage for CAD?

Blind Vote for… PLM?

PLM and rise of the Business Process Management

Google Wave, ShareFlow, Vuuch.. who is  next to kill email?

What will be cloud cost of PLM?

Who will rebuild PLM for Mac?

Can RSS reader become an Enterprise Platform?

Google App’s Scripts for PLM?

3D on the cloud thoughts

Mashups open up for PLM business?

Will PLM come to Android?

BI on Cloud. Should PLM follow?

SharePoint FAST Social Move

PLM User Interface – Don’t Make me Think!

PLM, non-PLM, PDM – where is difference?

More thoughts after PLM mainstream discussion

What will be PLM Open Source secret sauce?

MS Office 2010 and PLM collaboration

Will Google OS become platform for CAD?

SolidJott – way to integrate social tools in CAD?

Will Office 2010 disrupt PLM sales?

Google Doc’s users want tables! PLM shocked…

Should we combine PLM and PIM efforts?

PLM, 3D and Eyetracking Technologies

Will PLM adopt MS Azure Dreams?

How PLM can do more with less effort?

From IBM Lotus to Google Cloud – should PLM be worried?

PLM Industry Learning Test

SharePoint 2010 Movie for PLM?

What is future of Information Visualization in 3D?

Is Free the Future of PLM?

The future of PLM platforms

PLM on Google Chrome OS?

SharePoint vs. WebCenter for PLM?

RIM vs. iPhone for PLM – where to go?

Free Project Management for PLM?

The true cost of MS SharePoint

Social PLM and Security

Combine Virtual and Physical with G1 Map Overlay

What means to create “Good Enough” PLM?

Connect Physical and Virtual World on iPhone?

Faceted Search for PLM

Exploring Search Results with Google Wonder Wheel

SolidWorks Sustainability Xpress will embed more lifecycle data in CAD

Google Fusion Tables – PLM on Steroids?

SolidWorks and CAD on Cloud – no Need for File Open/CheckIn/Out…

How do you keep PLM up to date?

Kindle DX for PLM downstream applications?

Does it make sense to create simple PLM?

Google Apps Cloud Collaboration via Microsoft Outlook

3D Perspectives Cloud Watching Polls

N-trig multi-touch and 3D CAD

PLM Prompt: Google Squared is new PLM Excel?

BPM & PLM Cloud Meeting?

3D, VR Cameras and xBOX 360

PLM Excel Gemini advantage?

PLM Collaboration Waves?

Contextual Collaboration with Microsoft Vine

Google Wave is ringing bell for PLM collaboration

PLM Prompt: 3D Warehouse from Google

SAP on premise vs. Business by Design

Breaking down the language barrier in collaboration

To Collaborate With Wolfram Alpha

Cordys brings BPM on cloud

SolidWorks eDrawings on iPhone

Should PLM think about Google Apps?

SharePoint Social Platform capability for SolidWorks

2 Responses to PLM Prompt

  1. Jon Tudor says:

    Hi Oleg,

    I have a strange request, i am not from the world of PLM, but after two full days of web researching what plm is, i hop you can point me in the right direction.

    Question: In the UK, do you think the market place for PLM vendors, whether they are erp/cad or plm based, will increase in reargds to business growth or is it going to be stagnant.
    Question: Do you know who the top 3 plm vendors are in the UK?
    Question: I may be asked to produce a one day PLM conference in london in 2010, subject to initial research, would you like to be part of the expert panel who helps craft the subject manner?
    Kind regards
    Jon Tudor

  2. Jon, In general, I don’t see PLM market is a country oriented. All major PLM vendors are global these days. You can find local resellers or service providers in the specific GEOs or countries. Nevertheless, 3 top PLM vendors worldwide are Dassault Systems, PTC and Siemens PLM. We can discuss other topics via email oleg dot shilovitsky at gmail dot com. Best, Oleg

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