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Originally Think Tank is idea generator. PLM Think Tank is blog about PLM Innovation.

I’m coming to put my daily thoughts about different aspects of PLM – technological, organizational, business here. Follow PLM Think Tank category in my blog and stay tuned…

Free CAD File Conversion In The Cloud?

Open PLM – A Climb For Losers?

Social PLM: More Syndication and Less Communities

How Big Is Product Lifecycle Data?

PLM Wood And Open Source Termites

How PLM Can Catch Up On Cloud-2?

PLM and Open Source Big Games

Open Source PLM Factoids

Closed Thoughts About PLM Openness

3 Steps To Improve PLM Collaboration

PLM and A Single Point Of Disagreement

Open vs. Closed PLM Debates

PLM and The Power Of Pull

PUI: Not PLM UI. Future User Experience.

How To Disrupt PLM Price With Technologies?

The Future Of PLM Walmarting

How To Manage ECO Without Paying $1’500 Per Seat?

PLM and Enterprise 2.0: No Fight… Yet.

PLM and Real Time Data

PLM, IT Transformation and Self-Organization

PLM Competition and “MEH”?

PLM Life-like Search Injection

Ozone and Big Unresolved Problems in PLM

PLM Future Business And Social Models

PLM Usability Notes or Don’t Make Me Think

PLM, RFID, RuBee, Virtual and Real

What Is The Future of CAD and PLM Standards?

Top Five Concerns About PLM Systems

PLM and ALM: How To Blend Disparate Systems?

The ABC of PLM Facebooking

How To Redefine Collaboration In PLM?

What Are Demands For “PLM on Demand”?

PLM- Move From Content To Context?

PLM-less AutoCAD Users and PLM Strategies

PLM and Scaling Options

Out-Of-The-Box PLM and Open Source Option

PLM Process: Flowchart Vs. Rule-Based?

The Role Of Augment Reality in PLM

PLM Collaboration and Technological Splashes

SAP Goes for Database, What is PLM Path?

PLMosaur, Tradition PLM and SaaS Newbies

Do We Need PLM To Manage Changes?

PLM and One Big Spreadsheet

PLM and Mobile Options

PLM Gaps and Social Software Liquid

My Trip In The PLM Time Machine 1987

PLM and Heterogeneous Product Development

PLM And New Types Of User Experience

5 Things To Know Before PLM-ERP Integration Project

PLM Model: Granularity, Bottom-Up and Change

PLM Open Source Tradeoff

PLM Excels and The Ugly Truth About iPad

PLM Content and Facebook Open Graph

PLM, Product Development and Social Search

3D CAD Future: How To Liberate Data?

PLM and Management of CAD Files

PLM and Sustainability: Where Is The Problem?

PDM/PLM and Customization

COFES 2010, Maieutic Parataxis and PLM Excels

Can PLM To User Twitter To Predict The Future Of Products?

6 Questions About You Future Cloud CAD/PLM

Cloud and PLM Solution Evaluation

What Are The Metrics For PLM Innovation?

PLM and Social Tools: The Odd Couple?

PLM and The Collapse of Complex Societies

PLM Data, Identification and Part Numbers

Why Do We Need PLM Data Model?

PLM Challenges In The Global Product Development

PLM, iPad and High Impact Technical Documentation

AUGI, CAD/PLM Data And The Future of Cloud

PLM, 3D Virtual and Apple Patents

Mid-Market PLM: Smashed or Transformed?

Who Will Be The First To Put PLM On Amazon?

What Is The Future of Integrated PLM Systems?

How To Create A Fully Buzzword Compliant PLM?

PLM and End-To-End Business Process Myth

PLM and The Future Of Files in Organizations

PLM and Supply Chain in Web 2.0 Era

How To Fix PLM Industry Dissatisfaction?

PLM, Social Siloes and Information Streams

How To Create A Good PLM Dashboard?

The “New Normal” Wake Up Call for Enterprise PLM

Manufacturers Priorities and PLM Integrations Deadlock

Consolidation in EDA and PLM Pitfalls

Social PLM and Customer Data

Dream: PLM Saving Calculator?

Industry Solutions and PLM Strategic Cross-Road

PLM Collaboration And Gmail Contextual Gadget

Future CAD-PLM and Assembly Version Management

How To Facebook PLM?

PLM Best Practice Torpedo

Will Google App Store Disrupt PLM?

The Future of PLM User Interface

The Ugly Truth About PLM-ERP Monkey Volleyball

PLM Trends in Pull Economy

Social Tagging and PLM – Can It Work Together?

PLM Platforms: Retirement or noSQL Knock-Out?

Is PLM Customization a Data Management Titanic?

PLM, Cloud, SaaS and Software Upgrades

CAD/PLM On The Cloud and Vendor Lock In

Do We Need Chief Excel Officer To Manage BOM?

Regulation and Future PLM Renaissance

What Are Your Questions To PLM Virtual Assistant?

Social PLM Enterprise and Federated Identity

PLM and BIM Interplay in Enterprise Data

Social PLM Options

PLM Social Disruption: Whom Should We Follow?

PLM In The Cloud: Opportunity Or Threat?

PLM Backward Evolution into Lifelike 3D

First PLM Lessons From Google Buzz

PLM, Design Quality and Cost of a Product

PLM and Value Engineering

Do I Need An Invitation To Join CAD/PLM Cloud?

Do We Need To Manage CAE Data in PLM?

Faltered Licenses and Future PLM Business Models

FREE and COOL Trends in CAD/PLM?

PLM vs. ERP: Weird or Different?

Innovation On The PLM/ERP Edge

Who Can Generate 3D/PLM Content for Apple iPad?

Do We Need Reporting Standards in PLM?

PLM for Individuals – Integrate or Die?

How To Monetize PLM?

Five Online Technologies for PLM in 2010

PLM vs. ERP – Don’t Manage Innovation!

What Will Be The Role of Mobile Applications in PLM?

What We Are Losing By Going From CAD to PLM?

How PLM Vendors Can Listen to Competitors?

Is Google Docs A Good Place To Store CAD Files?

How do you want to see your PLM start page?

PLM, Chocolate and Innovation

PLM: Hug Your Data or Federate?

Things Are Getting Touchy (PLM Tablet User Experience Thoughts)

Collaboration Trends of Why I Stopped Using Google Wave?

The Next Level Of PLM Social Tools Development

Cisco EOS or How To Make Manufacturing Companies Social?

Key Success of SharePoint – What Should PLM Learn?

Vuuch, Social PLM and Google Wave Evaluation

Top 10 Posts of 2009, Beyond PLM and More…

How to Visualize PLM Excels Using Microsoft Pivot?

New Year Wishes to PLM Industry in 2010

Top Five PLM Software Challenges for the 2010s

Will Mashup Grow Up in PLM?

Why Do We Need PLM to Control Product Cost?

Large Monolithic PLM Implementations are A Think of the Past

How to Simplify My Next PLM Implementation?

Will PLM Get Troubled by Future FOSS Databases?

Back to basics: PLM and ERP Integration

Back to basics: Multi-CAD and PLM

Back to basics: PLM and Single Point of Truth

Back to basics: Should PLM Take Control of Your BOMs?

What Is The Role of Business Intelligence in PLM?

Next PLM Challenge: To Connect Process and Communities

Microsoft Futuristic PLM Commercials and Google’s Reality

Freemium PLM – Yes or No?

Data Quality and PLM

Product and Process Model in PLM – What Should Come First?

PLM: How Much Do We Have And To Whom It Belongs?

PLM Open Source: Business or Social Need?

Happy 1st Birthday PLM Think Tank!

3D Marketplace and Potential Content Wars

Google Wave PLM Use Cases

PLM and ERP: Why It Doesn’t Fit?

How Many Social Platforms We Need For Enterprise?

Develop A Successful PLM Elevator Pitch

3D Warehouse Parade

Azure Goes Live, Will be PLM Impacted?

SaaS and Open Source: PLM Future Rides

Measuring PLM Technologies Payoff

How Many Enterprise Backbones Organization Needs?

Pitfalls of Selecting PLM for Order to Manufacturing

PLM Plus User Experience Minus Complexity On Demand

3DLive, HD3D and demand for CAD/PDM Immersivity

Google Wave for Design and Process Collaboration

Twitter Retweet Project or How To Improve Collaboration and Process Management in Organization

Why is Change Process Speed Important?

GPS, PLM, BIM: Plan the Next Leapfrog?

PLM and Collaboration Platforms: Partnership or Buzzworks?

Do We Need Files To Collaborate in PLM?

The Notion of Trust in PLM

Design and Manufacturing: Top Down Approach with Treehouse

Open Source Threat for CAD

SharePoint 2010 Communities and PLM Social Demands

PLM Strategy and Six Thinking Hats

SharePoint 2010 for Collaborative Product Development Applications

BOM: Manufacturing and Engineering

Why PLM Need to Learn about SharePoint 2010 Composites?

BOM: Overstructured, Understructured or Lean?

Do We Have Enough Maps in PLM?

PLM Collaboration on Steroids – Google Shared Folders

Cloud of Data – Can It Work for PLM?

Seven Rules Towards Single Bill of Materials

Can we improve usability of PLM Software?

Engineering and Manufacturing Data Management back in 1992

The New Efficiency of PLM

Future PLM connection between Physical and Virtual Worlds – Google Power Meter

Emerging Social Economies and PLM communities

Best Practices Aren’t Good Enough for PLM?

Future PLM User Experience will be flat?

Google Wave – Is it the Next Collaborative Process Engine for PLM?

Pragmatic Architectures for PLM future

Accidental Collaboration using PLM

How to Unleash the Potential of PLM 2.0?

What is the Next Big Deal in PLM Service?

Benefits of RIA for Product Lifecycle Management

PLM off Craiglist – Different Angle on Social PLM

PDM vs. PLM – Is this about Process?

PLM, Microsoft and Open Source Party

PLM: Data Protection and Security Approaches

PLM Architecture: Content As a Service

PLM Architecture: Get Off My Cloud?

Why Project Management is Important for PLM?

How We Can Move Design and Engineering Content to Web?

Internet Kills. PLM better move to become real PLM 2.0…

Next 3 Steps in Collaborative PLM

Non-3D User Experience for PLM

Bing-bang PLM Dreams – should we move away from monolith approach?

PLM and Multi-domain business processes

PLM vs. ERP: Demand for Business Process

Can we scale PLM down?

How PLM can be more consumer oriented?

What is Sink Hole of PLM Implementations?

Who owns PLM implementation project?

Top Annoying Thing about PLM software?

How many Lifecycles do we need?

PLM Trends in the intersection of Business and IT

Social PLM Challenges

PLM and Virtualization Technologies

PLM and MDM – How to start right?

How PLM can help me to share product secrets in organization?

PLM SOA – How to mix integrations and business processes?

PLM, don’t fight processes – focus on people!

Should I keep secrets from my PLM system?

Why PLM scares me?

The pains of file management, will PDM be popular again?

5 Things SharePoint can do for your PLM

PLM Goes Social – Don’t forget your daily job!

How we can Tag 3D CAD?

Will PLM move beyond search?

DeskEng: ENOVIA SmarTeam BOM Management story in S&C Electric

PLM Transformation: Easy, No; Costly, Yes.

PLM problem with email – final sentence?

PLM On Demand Services

6 factors impacting PLM industry today

3 main factors of mainstream PLM adoption

PLM and Internet of Things

What is the right time to implement PLM workflow and processes?

New Office 2010 features and PLM integration

PLM in 21st Century: Fewer Giants, Folksonomies and Infinite Opportunity

What is difference between PLM and Content Management Systems?

Office 2010 and PLM On Demand Solutions

SharePoint 2010 – Is it good for PLM?

PLM and Publishing Frameworks

Initial prediction – what MS Office 2010 Technologies can bring to PLM?

The PLM Industry most confusing buzzwords

PLM Think Tank: Top Discussions for 6 months…

Daily PLM Think Tank – 6 months…

Do we need multi-faceted BOM compare?

PLM Way to Enterprise 2.0

How to Move from PLM Legacy to PLM 2.0?

How to increase “Business Process Technology” adoption rate for PLM

5 Ways to Become Open PLM Industry

Relative Value vs. Absolute Value of PLM

PLM vs. BPM or What do you think about IBM PDIF?

Enterprise 2.0 Checklist for PLM

PLM, Please Don’t Take Giant Steps…

Future PDM’s Trajectories

Why I haven’t bought PLM yet…

Complexity Kills or Three Ways to Improve PLM Adoption

Bing, Bong, BI… where is my PLM decision?

Who wants to manage Product Data?

How to Extend PLM Reach – Process vs. Content

Google Version of CAD Interoperability Story

My Slice of PLM Single Version of Truth

Future PLM face to face: Open Source vs. Cloud

Cloudy PLM: Roadmap Into The Future

How is PLM Collaboration Different From Social Networking?

6 reasons Why Google Wave will Change PLM Collaboration

Who Owns (or Pwns?) PLM Master Data in Your Company?

Do we have problem managing history and time in PLM?

Do we need to fix PLM basics?

CAD – The Future of Collaborative Modeling

How to Take PLM Beyond the “Department Of Lost and Found Revisions”?

Why do I Need to Change My “Out-of-the-Box PLM”?

Total 3D: Industrial Design Tools, CAD/PLM and Google O3D

PLM Collaboration – To Catch Wave vs. To Share List

PLM+ERP: How to Prevent a Divorce?

PLM: How to enable long term retention of you product data?

Options to Streamline PLM Collaboration: Microsoft vs. Google

What will be the future potential cost saving with PLM 2.0?

PLM Excel Spreadsheets: From Odes to Woes

Why Do I Like My PLM Excel Spreadsheet?

Top Five Disappointing PLM Technologies

PLM Action Plan for Dummies

Should Engineers Take Care of ERP?

What will drive 3D and CAD after recession?

How Business Intelligence Influences PLM?

How to Improve BOM Collaboration?

Who will be the first to use a cloud model in product development and PLM?

Process-free Process Management in PLM

Invisible Data Management for PLM

Four directions for successful PLM collaboration

PLM 2010: Game changers

How will PLM applications change when they move to a cloud?

How we can socialize PLM Bill of Materials?

What is the Engineer’s Social Formula for PLM?

How can you prevent PLM 2.0 silos?

Can Internet Change CAD?

PLM Integration Gotchas

When BOM seeks the right enterprise nanny…

What is the future of search for PLM?

5 reasons why Wiki fails for PLM collaboration

How to create self-contained PLM persistent storage?

Will Master Data Management (MDM) work for PLM?

How to Improve Engineering Change Processes using Enterprise 2.0 Technologies?

PLM Next Big Things

PLM Process Management – How many Workflows do we Need?

COFES 2009: PLM vs not PLM?

Host PLM Data using Cloud Services

How to improve PLM Collaboration by focusing on people?

Should PLM take Excel to the Cloud?

Can RIA technologies help us to build better Enterprise PLM?

How can PLM use Social Search to develop the next innovative products?

Live World – Is it common future for CAD, PLM, AEC, BIM, GIS?

How Tagging can prevent PLM from a Compulsive Obsessive Disorder Problem?

PLM and Project Management – marriage or divorce?

Serious Joke – Why CAD needs to Tweet?

Microsoft Future Data Visualization, 3D Lifelike Experience and more…

PLM Content Downstream Usage, Googlenomic and Futuristic Search…

Is it time for a synchronized Bill of Materials?

Can we build PLM bottom up?

Should PLM 2.0 come with a new PLM format?

PLM – Small Things that Matter

PLM: How to Enable your Cloud Relationship

Microsoft’s Cloud-y Future, SharePoint and PLM Collaboration

The Biggest PLM Challenge on the Cloud

Where is the PLM shortcut to the cloud?

Where is PLM on Industry Cloud Map?

Does PLM Behave like Deep Web?

Search for the right BOM – I’m feeling lucky?

PLM beyond Twitter

How to improve collaborative processes for the global supply chain?

How PLM can improve enterprise collaboration?

Lifestream Concept for PLM Applications

What PLM technology can share CAD and engineering knowledge in organization? – Part 1.

What PLM technology can connect virtual and physical worlds?

Open Source: Is the Game Changing for PLM?

Do We Need Personal PLM?

Process Thinking with the Development of Social Collaborative Business Processes for PLM

Virtual World: Where is the border between game and PLM software?

Will PLM 2.0 on the cloud resolve the supply chain challenge?

Does Folksonomy Work for PLM?

How PLM can beat Excel? Or Blue Ocean’s ideas on how to improve usability…

CAD/PLM Robot Swarms

PLM 2.0: Technology or Facelift?

Use Wiki for PLM Change Management – revised!

Collaborate online – Does it make Sense for PLM?

Is PLM too Complex to Mashup?

3D Limits, or How to Avoid Killing 3D with 3D applications?

Should PLM develop its own process tools?

PLM 2.0: Technology or Facelift?

How close is the future of surface computing for CAD/PLM?

FAST Impact on PLM

How PLM can re-use SharePoint Social Network Capabilities?

Can we create 3D RSS?

Visual WIKI – is it next step in collaborative product development?

SharePoint Social Platform capability for SolidWorks

Improve organizational performance by the management of multiple Bill Of Materials

How to make PLM less complicated and more user-friendly?

PLM: Productivity vs. Process?

SolidWorks World 2009 is Ready for PLM!

SharePoint PLM Paradox?

The Social Bill of Material Tools Dream

New Social Bill Of Material Tool is the Way to Simplify PLM Deployment in Organizations

What is the Role of Search in Enterprise Systems and PLM?

CAD is boring… because CAD is alone!

Use Predictive Modeling to Decrease Product Cost during Product Design and Development?

How Can You Deliver Business Intelligence for PLM?

Contextual Collaboration within the Organization

How to improve PLM collaboration and information delivery with RSS

PLM in economic downturn – Is there a place for second-mover innovation?

What is beyond Collaboration and Process Management in PLM?

Key decisions for PLM to join Enterprise 2.0 in 2009

Social Design and PLM

Immersive CAD data management – is it the CAD/PDM future?

World CAD and PLM Market in 2008

PLM Today and Tomorrow: Tighten Your Belts … and be open to new technologies

PLM Process Management Technologies

Which technology can convert multiple PDMs into a single PLM?

Can we use 3D Gaming Technologies in PLM?

PLM Persistent Content and Dynamic 3D PDF

How can PLM leverage Social Networks to marketing with customers?

My favorite PLM and PLM-related technologies for 2008

Will cloud computing change our desktop behavior for PLM in the future?

How do I access my PLM data on a cloud?

How to make PLM social – problem in content?

PLM Dream Technologies for 2009

Merge of Social Software and Business Process for Product Development

Do you have PLM iPhone? – “I’LL TXT U”

PLM and BIM – common roots or common future?

Putting your Design on a Cloud

Micro-blogs and Micro-content for PLM

PLM Structured World in Web 2.0 Language

PLM and Enterprise Search: can we leverage it in downstream applications?

PLM Glue Technologies for organization – recipe #2 – Business Rules

How to implement Social Networking for PLM?

How to reinforce PLM by additional technologies – round #2 – Tagging

PLM Glue Technologies for organization – recipe #1.

What PLM can do with MS Excel and SaaS/Cloud Services?

Is there place for PLM Mashup technologies?

Top down PLM approach … from SolidWorks Labs?

Who will play role of Google Maps in PLM?

How to improve PLM processes before PLM system using BPMN.

PLM innovation – is it about risk?

Virtual CCB idea: Can we use Wiki for PLM?

Do we have reasonable alternatives for PLM?

Structured vs. Unstructured – should PLM be reinforced by additional technologies?

CAD Data Management, Globalization, Cloud Services and Amazon S3?

Simple PLM Technologies?

Should PLM Fit Business Process or Change it?

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