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PLM Dress Code Factoids

I learned something interesting today from solidedging blog – Yes Gertrude, PLM World has a Dress Code, by Dave Ault. He is speaking about enforcing the dress code during some of PLM events and meetings. Here is the key passage:

Posted today at the Siemens SE Misc category on the BBS Forum. “I just got an email through regarding the PLM Connection event next week in the UK. I was pretty shocked to see a dress code stipulated – see the image below!! The day a company starts to tell their CUSTOMERS how to dress shows a severe disconnect from reality. Do Siemens really think this sort of pomposity will endear them to potential clients (let alone existing ones)? Now I know why Steve Jobs never made it to PLM World; his black crew neck just didn’t cut it with the organizers.

Well… I don’t know what was the reason Steve Jobs didn’t attend PLM world. Actually, I know little about what PLM software Apple is using. Even more, personally, I had never been invited to PLM world. Now, I’m guessing that main reason was probably because I didn’t put my picture with bow tie on the home page of my blog. I agree with Dave’s observations about SolidEdge University. The dress code there was similar to SolidWorks World and different from PLM events I attended.

What is my conclusion? Few people in PLM industry are still dreaming about how to follow ERP success. PLM companies and event organizers are dreaming about how to bring more executives to their events. They are key players in PLM strategic decision making. Dress code is part of the agenda to make PLM event comfortable for execs. I guess CIOs and other corporate execs feel wrong sitting next to engineers in blue jeans. I also believe some country and location specifics can be considered too. I rarely see suits and ties during events in Israel and California. At the same time, it looks quite appropriate in Germany and some other places in Europe. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

4 Responses to PLM Dress Code Factoids

  1. Dave Ault says:

    Hi Oleg,
    Thats part of what is wrong with so many industries right now. The people at the very top are far to often MBA CPA types with no engineering degrees and no clue as to how it all has to function once you get past cash flow. They could benefit by listening to the guys that actually make their stuff work if they would.

  2. Dave, Actually, I see it even wider as a generation mix. Dress code actually shows it very well. I don’t know if you had a chance to see my blog post about gen flux and connected enterprise – http://www.inforbix.com/gen-flux-and-the-inforbix-connected-enterprise/. Best, Oleg

  3. Oleg and Dave,
    thanks for your thoughts on PLM dress code. I just got back from PLM Connections UK and I saw that (thankfully!) the dress code was not strictly observed – there were many customers more casually dressed plus a few in jeans, and they were of course welcomed like any other participant. Also the Solid Edge community was treated as an integral part of the event – about a third of the customers present were Solid Edge users and a third of the sessions were specifically for them.
    I don’t really like the way the dress code was specified to our customers – I am just completing the feedback form for the event and as a first step will recommend that the word “suggested” is inserted for the dress code – agree we should respect our customers preferences more here.
    There are some cultural differences here of course – I turned up to a conference in Germany a couple of years ago in bright tan chinos and an open necked shirt and stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the black suits…
    best regards, Dave

  4. David, thanks for you comment! Yes, industry is changing, so dress code statements should be changed as well.

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