Will Europe Adopt Cloud PLM?

I’m heading to Munich tomorrow to attend PLM Innovation 2012 conference. I’m looking forward to many discussions and meetings. One question is outstanding in my discussion agenda – Cloud. Clearly, cloud is making some interesting dynamics. However, what is good for United States, can be different for Europe?

Salesforce.com is a company pioneering cloud solutions for the last decade. To learn how Salesforce is doing business in Europe can create a good association with what PLM cloud vendors and businesses can expect in Europe. I’ve been reading Salesforce blog – Europe sets course for cloud. Take few minutes and have a read. I found it quite interesting and educational with regards to what happens between Europe and cloud computing.

Here is a very interesting speech by Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, announces a European Cloud Partnership help cloud computing through public procurement.

The blog post provided some interesting numbers related to IT connection and some cloud spending.

European Manufacturers and Cloud Computing

Last week, I’ve been discussing cloud with few European manufacturing companies attending SolidWorks World. They have been quite skeptical about the speed of cloud adoption in Europe. They pointed on companies’ concern about IP and potential security-related topics.  At the same time, globalization is a reality. What if the cloud can provide some interesting advantages to relatively small, but already global manufacturing companies?

What is my conclusion? There is no conclusion today. I want to learn more about this topic during PLM Innovation 2012 during coming week and will re-connect with you later. Speak your mind, please.

Best, Oleg

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