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CAD & PLM CEOs and Social Channels

Brian Shepherd joins twitter. Earlier this week, I learn from Alan Belniak (@abelniak) twitter, that he helped Brian Shepherd at PTC to get going on twitter. First of all – welcome on Twitter, Brian! This event made me think and search for other CAD / PLM execs on twitter.

The topic about what is the appropriated “social level” for CEOs and other execs is widely discussed. Many blogs and books provide multiple recommendation about how to manage an appropriate social CEO image. Navigate to the following link to read series of Forrester posts – Social CEO. You can find many other publications about the same topic. Speaking about execs on social channels, I can bring quite interesting publication about Google’s execs on Google+.

Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO is on twitter, and I can confirm he is a real person. I followed his tweets during past AU2011 and can confirm he is real on twitter.

I found an interesting twitter account – Jim Hepplemann Ghost. The account is actually real fake of Jim Hepplemann.

I didn’t find twitter accounts of Bernard Charles and Tony Affuso.

What is my conclusion? I think the decision to join social channels is personal and corporate at the same time. The most important is personal commitment. Forrester provided reasonable recommendation, in my view. So, I’m glad to see “social CEOs” and other execs and, at the same time, can understand others. Just my thoughts… YMMV.

Best, Oleg

4 Responses to CAD & PLM CEOs and Social Channels

  1. Alan Belniak says:

    Thanks for noticing and for the mention, Oleg. At PTC (in general), we’re working to find the right balance of time and contributions. I’m sure that Brian will find the balance that works best for him (his tweets are his own).

    (p.s.: the link to my Twitter account – @abelniak – is correct, but you have @allanb listed in the post)

  2. Alan, thanks for your comment and information sharing. It is an important contribution to keep our community open and growing. One tip – my major blogging hub is beyondplm.com. plm think tank posts are going to plmtwine to support my pre-beyondplm readership. I’m planning some blogging structure re-arrangement later this year. If you have any tips on how to aggregate two existing blogging domains, appreciate if you can share your experience. Best, Oleg

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