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Why to plot a drawing from mobile device?

Mobile becomes more and more important in our everyday life. “You don’t have to be at your desk to make your work”. This is a new slogan, that in my view, replace an old one – ‘you are here to work’. One of the interesting trends I’m following is how business and home are mixed in the modern life.

I’ve been reading Google mobile blog and found the information about Google’s research related to tablet usage. Navigate to the following link to read more and look at few pictures below showing how people using tables in different situations.

It is interesting to see that “checking email” is on both cases is a dominant activity.

One of the people I follow on twitter shared the following video – Océ MobilePlot 1.1 demo. Take a look.

Océ MobilePlot 1.1 demo video from Ben van Erp on Vimeo.

It made me think about what would be a reason for somebody to plot from a mobile device. I can see few potential options for usage – shopfloor, maintenance and support, and maybe some others. I’d be interested to hear your opinion as well.

What is my conclusion? The mobile and consumerization trends are very powerful. People adoption (and addition) to new devices will go from a place where people watching video on youtube at home and sharing photos on Facebook. Watch these applications – we will see examples of them tomorrow in our offices. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

Freebie. Océ didn’t pay me to write about Océ mobile plot.

2 Responses to Why to plot a drawing from mobile device?

  1. Hi Oleg,
    An interesting subject and one I have blogged and spoken about myself. I think the demographics of using tablets and other mobile devices for consumer applications are becoming quite well understood. I have always stated that developers need to convert the core consumer use cases of tablets to a business arena in order to make best use of them. For me you would never use a tablet to plot or design something entirely from scratch… but you would use a tablet to review or annotate an existing design, make initial drafts and maybe make minor tweaks at the coal face so to speak. I don’t think you would ever design anything from start to finish on a mobile device. In your arena mobile isn’t going to replace traditional desktop applications just yet. However they will complement and enhance them.
    As you hinted at… it is all about the use case.

  2. Paul, Good comment. To convince a customer on a particular use case. However, what creates a unique situation is that many people are using iPad already at home for different purposes. Best, Oleg

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