3D and Communication Strategy

Communication methods are interesting. These days lots of things are changing in this space. Internet, Web 2.0, Video communication converted some of our hottest dream to reality available in our everyday life. However, you can say – it is all about gadgets and toys. What modern CAD and PLM software can propose in the space of communication between engineers, designers and other people in manufacturing companies? 3D Mojo (the former blog of Seemage and now Dassault 3DVIA) brings the following topic on the table – 3DVIA 3D Communication Strategy Forum. So, what is this about? According to the 3DMojo teaser:

3DVIA will be hosting the 3D Communication Strategy Forum. This half-day event is designed to promote an open dialogue and exchange of ideas between 3DVIA product leaders and industry representatives who are interested in exploring the use of 3D product communications.

Open to all Dassault Systemes’ customers attending DSCC, the forum will provide attendees with a detailed 3DVIA brand and product strategy, along with an exclusive preview of upcoming 3DVIA mobile and cloud solutions. This will be followed by panel discussions on overcoming obstacles and establishing optimum workflows in enterprise 3D product communications.

The key term I read here is something called3D Product Communication. Let me guess. One of the 3DVIA products – 3DVIA composer is well known as a tool capable to convert 3D CAD objects into something that supposed to be much easy transferred between people in an organization, especially for people having no specific CAD skills. Examples are easy coming from manufacturing, marketing, sales, etc.

The answer I didn’t find in this passage is how 3D communication will become ubiquitous and independent of a specific software and formats. XVL, 3D PDF, JT Open – these formats weren’t mentioned. Is it part of Dassault 3D Communication strategy? One of the best books about that I had a chance to read was – 3D Manufacturing Innovation. If you have some time, find this book and have a read. Disconnecting 3D data from heavy CAD systems and making this data available for all people in the organization is considered as the most important objective that can significantly improve product quality and communication between engineering and manufacturing.

What is my conclusion? Multiple 3D CAD is the reality of the majority of manufacturing organizations. How to make the most efficient 3D product communication between people using these systems and other people in an organization sounds like an important task. I hope to learn more about this later this year and share it with you. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

3 Responses to 3D and Communication Strategy

  1. Jim Merry says:

    Hi Oleg,

    “Disconnecting 3D data from heavy CAD systems and making this data available for all people in the organization is considered as the most important objective that can significantly improve product quality and communication between engineering and manufacturing.”

    I have been working on this problem for quite some time previously with Adobe and now with Tetra 4D.

    This problem requires at a minimum a 3 part solution: an open format “container”, a free ubiquitous viewer, and a method to put data into the container. I say ‘minimum’, because there are other requirements to foster an ecosystem around such a solution which I think is critical for widespread adoption. These other requirements include (but are not limited to) embedding the 3D CAD data into interactive forms, security, digital signatures, data validation and API access to the data in the container to promote reuse by other solution providers.

    The ‘method to put data into the container’ is the interesting part. Since the 3D PDF format is open, anyone can publish data to the 3D PDF container using the specification without any licensing costs (there are of course development costs/risks with this approach). Market opportunities exist where ISVs choose not provide this capability and that is where our 3D PDF Converter helps with a solution integrated into the Acrobat X Pro workflow that converts all the major CAD formats to 3D PDF.

  2. Jim, You are right! Thanks for sharing your view and insight on this topic. I think, the consolidation between CAD vendors is an interesting opportunity. However, technical aspects of this act are simple. Business and competition are tough. Technology is easy – people are hard :)… Best, Oleg

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