PLM Definitions- Multiple Dimensions by Prof. Eigner

I’m continue to publish references on various definitions of PLM. A month ago I posted PLM Definition – Corporate vs. Consumer Style presenting a consumer oriented view by Dassault’s and PLM Definition – next round? from PTC. Another interesting definition of PLM comes from Prof. Martin Eigner of the University of Kaiserslautern. Prof. Eigner also known as a founder of Eigner PLM system. Take a look on the following video and make your opinion (video is courtesy of PTC).

Prof. Eigner is talking about three dimensions of PLM integration: Lifecycle, Discipline and Supply Chain.

What is my take? PLM is very often using the context of "integration" when defines what is PLM about. These are very relevant aspects. For me, another, very important aspect of integration is openness. In my view, this is a missing link in many PLM implementations. Later this week I’m going to attend Aras Community Event (ACE 2011) in Detroit. You can follow my twitter and #ArasACE hash tag for more information.

Best, Oleg

2 Responses to PLM Definitions- Multiple Dimensions by Prof. Eigner

  1. Steve depoe says:

    I’m looking for a good non-mfg plm assessment roadmap. Can anyone help.

  2. Steve, can you, please be more specific. Feel free to write me to oleg at beyondplm dot com. Best, Oleg

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