COFES, PLM, BIM and Augmented Reality

The first day at COFES 2011 over. I hope, you had a chance to follow COFES 2011 via twitter (COFES2011). If not, navigate your browser to the following link. COFES is always a good time to have a conversion with bunch of really smart people. It gives lots of materials for inspiration and… yes, blogging. This afternoon I had a chance to attend pre-COFES session: Augmented reality: Practical Business Applications presented by Joseph Juhnke of Tanagram Partners. I posted about augmented reality before. You can take a look on my earlier post: The Role of Augment Reality in PLM. Back that time, I’ve seen some interesting augment reality implementations for virtual identification, virtual design, simulation.

I found today’s presentation made by Joseph very inspiring. Part of the presentation was dedicated to the presentation of pictures with possible use cases for augmenting reality from BIM and PLM space. Take a look on the following pictures and make your opinion.

What is my take? I think we are standing in front of a very big distraction in enterprise systems in general and PDM/PLM specifically. It is about changing “user experience”. In one of my tweets today I asked if “NUI” – natural user interface is a future. In my view, presentation of the information in a more natural way, can change a lot. “Augment reality” can play a significant role in making this change happen. Is it a time for PLM companies to re-think some of their UI concepts?

Just my thougths…

Best, Oleg

2 Responses to COFES, PLM, BIM and Augmented Reality

  1. There are alraedy many of application in basic research of AR applied to engineering. Main limitation is hardware (augmenting visors) and software( natural tracking). As far as those two tecnologies will improve AR will be a commodity as a cell phone. Lot to do is at the user interface level: mainly mouse and keyboard must be avoided!

  2. michele, thanks for your comment! Yes, I can see how mouse is slowly die on my table :)… Best, Oleg

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