Open Standards and Data Sharing

What do you think about the role of standards in CAD and PLM? Some of recent development in Open Standards made me think about CAD and PLM related standards again. I had a chance to discuss "the standards" theme several times in the past on my blog. Navigate to the following links to catch up the discussion.

PLM and Open Standards – Money Talks?
PLM Standards: From Formats to Frameworks
What is the future of CAD and PLM Standards?
Open PLM – A Climb for Losers?

Standards: Obvious and Expensive

In my view, customers are interested in standards. Their reaction on standard is normally positive. The benefits of standard-related activities for customers are obvious. In the past large manufacturing companies were involved in the successful standard development. STEP is probably one of the examples. At the same time, I cannot see vendors are signing up for open standards in the world of CAD and PLM. They are mostly reactive and keep balance of supporting standard and proprietary system development.

Data Sharing and Standards

Manufacturing is global these days. To be able to exchange information between in-shore and off-shore, OEM and suppliers, vendors and partners become extremely important. Do you think "data sharing" problem will disappear with the development of open standards? I don’t see direct dependencies. Obviously, it will be easier to exchange data using standards. However, the devil is in details. The support of particular application features and/or data elements will give us a right answer on this question.

What is my conclusion? To support open standard is expensive tax. Who will pay it? Customers? Vendors? My favorite joke: Standards like toothbrushes. Everybody needs them, but nobody wants to use somebody else one. Next month, I’m going to attend Eurostep Share-A-Space 2011 Forum. Read more about this forum on LinkedIn. I hope to learn more the potential role of Eurostep in the supporting of standards as well as about development of commercial systems based on such a standard like STEP and PLCS. I’m going to live blog from there, so stay tuned…

Best, Oleg

2 Responses to Open Standards and Data Sharing

  1. SASSIER says:

    Thank you for your post ! Very interesting !

    For your information, Eurostep, JOTNE, LASCOM for instance are working on PLCS integration…

    I have worked some time on the standard approach, and the question is Standardize or nor standardize ? that is the question. From where do you start ? where do you stop ? This transition phase if rarely taken into account and the cost attached also…

    In addition, what is the cost hidden behind the maintenance of DEX (PLCS convertor) ?

    The DEX concept is quite complex and it is difficult to explain to a customer the process of “standardization”; There is clearly a problem of maturity of the approach. Today few applications are running in production, mainly POCs are done… things are going slowly forward… I am very interesting in reading your comment about it !



  2. SASSIER, thanks for your comment! I’ve heard about JOTNE program and specially about LOTAR. Is it related? I think DEX PLCS concept is problematic. Cost is an issue, but not only. The main problem I see in a very long process of agreement between various parties in the process. These “mediated schema” approaches failed in most of the systems. I’m trying to learn if “standards” are not failing in the same trap of “mediated schemas” development. Best, Oleg

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