PLM Innovaton 2011: Short Summary and Hashtag Album

During last two days I’ve been busy attending PLM Innovation Congress 2011 in London. This is a short statistic of the event: 200+ attendees, two full days of presentations and networking, about 25 sessions and presentations about about PLM and beyond. Take a look on the actual program of the congress.

There are few things that made me feel excited during these days. First and most important – the majority of presentations on the even were delivered by customers and not vendors. I’d like to note excellent use cases that exposed positive elements of implementations and mentioned real pain points customers experienced during PLM implementations. The second – I found this event very balanced in terms of proportion of presentations and networking. Multiple long networking sessions allowed to attendees to spend time in discussing presentations and other topics.

I had a chance to experiment with live twittering from this event. I hope you had a chance to listen to PLM Innovation tweet stream on #plminnovation2011. I found a very interesting website hashalbum, which allows to aggregate photos coming from a particular hashtag. So you can enjoy collections of twitted photos from PLM Innovation event. Navigate you browser on the following link to view them.

What is my conclusion? If I’d like to think about single message provided by event attendees, I’d like to say – PLM: Simple and Easy. However, at the same time, I haven’t heard a specific recipes how to do it. Some people mentioned Excel as a vehicle to this success. My take on this – in 2010s, PLM probably will looks different compared to the previous decade. Just my opinion…

Best, Oleg

4 Responses to PLM Innovaton 2011: Short Summary and Hashtag Album

  1. Vuuch says:

    OK Simple. But what is the starting definition of PLM? It is simply not enough to say it will be simple. Every PLM vendor out there already has an easy to use tool.

  2. Chris, thanks for commenting! I will use Al Dean’s definition – it is about Product, Lifecycle and Management of product and everything that related to the product through the lifecycle. To make it simple is not an easy task. At the same time, customers have absolute need to improve product development, the tools are not simple and to accomplish product development improvement is not an easy objective. Just my thoughts… Best, Oleg

  3. ramesh says:

    Hello Oleg,
    thanks for sharing all the data….it feels like we were there…keep posting in the blog…..i wish there could be some thing in cloud computing with PLM if i am not missing anything…

  4. Ramesh, You are welcome! Best, Oleg

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