Introducing Inforbix Product Data Apps

I’d like to take an opportunity and introduce a new company, I founded together with my colleagues – Inforbix. Our vision is to revolutionize the way people in manufacturing companies are accessing heterogeneous product data. Please, visit Inforbix website to get more information about the company, people and our ideas. Also, I’d like to introduce a new blog – Product Data Space. Inforbix is a social company, so you’ll be able to find us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.  You are also invited to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Inforbix and Beyond PLM

I’d like to say few words about my blogging activity. For the last couple of years, PLM Think Tank and, lately, Beyond PLM shared my opinions about engineering and manufacturing software, CAD, PDM, PLM, industry and technological trends. This activity was absolutely independent of my employment in the past and will remain independent of my future role in Inforbix. PLM Think Tank remains daily, and I’m looking forward to sharing new information, thoughts and opinion about what is going on in Engineering and Manufacturing Software Beyond PLM.

Best, Oleg

6 Responses to Introducing Inforbix Product Data Apps

  1. Bhushan Teli says:

    wish you & INFORBIX Team a wouderfull journey.
    Bhushan Teli

  2. Bhushan, thanks for your support! Best, Oleg

  3. Sachin says:

    Congrats Oleg, great work.

  4. Sachin, thanks! follow our ProductDataSpace blog for more updates- Best, Oleg

  5. Claudio says:

    Intersting! Very good!
    We Are thinking on this idea in Parallaksis. I want to understande in deept.

  6. Claudio, thanks! please feel free to contact me – oleg at inforbix dot com. Best, Oleg

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