Oracle, Google and Aras’ 226% Growth

I read the following article “Oracle v Google: Why?“. I found it as a very deep analysis of the latest Oracle’s bold move against Google. It is hard to predict how this clash will be resolved and who will be a winner and loser or may be both. Read this article and make your opinion. My hunch is that there is a portion of the game related to Open Source. FOSS became stronger over the last years and drove multiple interest from vendors and user communities. Oracle (but not only) kingdom can be definitely impacted by a variety of Open Source initiatives growing in enterprise organizations these days.

In this context, I found a very interesting news came out of Open Source provider Aras:  Aras Momentum Accelerates Driving 226% Sales Growth in First Half 2010. Here is the quote from Aras’s PR: Aras’s strong performance is driven by the continued growth in worldwide adoption of the Aras Innovator suite, and demonstrates mainstream acceptance of the Aras enterprise open source model and advanced PLM technology by Fortune 500 / Forbes Global 2000 companies.

What is my take? Open Source is definitely a long term target in Oracle lawsuit against Google. This is a beginning of the fight against the Open Source. Google is an easy, but intermediate target. My conclusion – important.

Best, Oleg
Freebie. Aras didn’t pay me for this post.

2 Responses to Oracle, Google and Aras’ 226% Growth

  1. MarcL says:

    Oleg – It seems that if Oracle’s claims are accurate… and that’s yet to be seen if this ever gets to court… it represents Google being overly cavalier in using open source code for their own purposes… and knowingly trying to side step associated licensing fees by writing their own ‘clean room’ version of the virtual machine (called “Dalvik”)… for more on the details see – in fact this lawsuit was predicted long before Oracle even bought Sun.

    This isn’t alright in any context… whether proprietary or open source makes no difference. Somehow, I have a feeling that this dispute will simply be settled with a big check, but not before a lot of noise is made by both parties about whose right & wrong.

    It’s an example of the complications that arise out of embedding code from various different open source projects into a single product.

    This is one of the exact reasons that at Aras we DO NOT do this (can read more here… while we get grief from people who are FOSS advocates, we understand that what global enterprises want is a secure and managed platform where they have source and control (i.e. Community Source that provides them with flexibility and extensibility they need to drive process innovation in their business (i.e. pure Open Source at enterprise application level).

    We believe this is the format of the future… and based on the rate of adoption it looks like a lot of others do to.

    Just my perspective.


  2. Marc, Goodmorning. Your comment failed into spam, because of heavy load of links you put in. However, I released it from jail :)…
    My perspective is that enterprise vendors will make an effort to balance FOSS proliferation by attaching a legal cost to FOSS activity. Nobody wants to be troubled by lawsuits, even if you are not making any infringements. The question if the community source you mentioned is the right way to go for companies doing enterprise software development. Are you aware about ( companies (other than Aras) doing so in enterprise systems? Best, Oleg

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