New Year Wishes to PLM Industry in 2010.

We are very close to the New Year Eve and this is time to come prepared with your wishes in the New Year. 2009 was the year of confusion – new economical reality, declining revenues, new type of competition, new social software trends. So, I’m sure some lesson learned in 2009 and this is a time to dream about our next year promises, plans and deliveries.

1. Check old small problems. We are running too fast forward to the new horizons. However, look in the back mirror. How many small problems we left. I think we are coming to the new world and solving small painful problems will have a huge value. So, check your backlogs. All issues are there and waiting for the time we solve them.

2. Think about openness as a business. Issue of openness is one that always come when you talk about problems in PLM industry. It comes as a requirement that never satisfied on the industry level. What I want to say is that I wish the industry will build a business case around openness. And if, there is an opportunity, we will find a solution to make it happen.

3. Use Social Media to speak with customers. I think social networking gives a unique opportunity to connect to customers. We should not be afraid doing so. To benefit customers and ourselves in what we are doing.

I wish you ever success in 2010! We will continue blogging and discussing PLM topics together.

Best, Oleg

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5 Responses to New Year Wishes to PLM Industry in 2010.

  1. apandre says:

    Happy 2010 to you, Oleg!
    I wish that in 2010 the PLM will unite with Data Visualization and with useful parts of BI and Visual Analytics!

  2. Andrei, Happy New Year you too! Thanks for your comments! Oleg.

  3. tbhushan says:

    Hi all,
    Wish you all Happy,Peaceful & Prosperous New Year 2010.

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