Happy 1st Birthday Daily PLM Think Tank!

Dear Friends,

One year ago I started Daily PLM Think Tank with this post! Thank you all for support and your voices. Without you it was absolutely impossible to make it. So far, some numbers:

369 posts,

1’949 comments,

131’345 page views.

Here are the top 20 stories on Daily PLM Think Tank for this year:

6 reasons Why Google Wave will Change PLM Collaboration
PLM and Internet of Things
PLM Prompt: Microsoft Kills Mashups and focus on SharePoint
Top Five Disappointing PLM Technologies
SharePoint PLM Paradox?
PLM Prompt: Google Fusion Tables – PLM on Steroids?
PLM Prompt: BPM & PLM Cloud Meeting?
PLM Prompt: What will be PLM Open Source Secret Souce
PLM Prompt: SharePoint FAST Social Move
Should I keep secrets from my PLM system
PLM Architecture: Get Off My Cloud?
Do we need to fix PLM basics?
Seven Rules Towards Single Bill of Material
MS SharePoint 2010 – Is it good for PLM?
PLM Transformation: Easy, No; Costly, Yes
PLM Action Plan for Dummies
PDM vs. PLM – Is this about Process?
MS SharePoint 2010 – Is it good for PLM?
Why Do I Like My PLM Excel Spreadsheet?
Top annoying things about PLM software.

So, I’m looking forward to next year… What would YOU like next?

Best, Oleg

13 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday Daily PLM Think Tank!

  1. Great work, its just one year but feels like I am enjoying reading your blog for years…

    thanks, keep writing…


  2. Sachin, You are welcome! Thanks for your comment!… Best, Oleg

  3. Bhushan says:

    Hi Oleg,
    Excellent work, Keep Posting. This Blog has been a good source for understanding PLM for many New buds like me.

    Thanks & Congrats for One Year Completion … [Many more to come]

    Thanks & Regards,
    -Bhushan Teli

  4. David Levin says:


    You are the best example (pattern?) for all us.
    We say blog, we mean Daily PLM TT:).


  5. Tom van Oost says:

    Congratulations with this milestone!

    I’m especially interested in your vision regarding plm, web and SharePoint. Would be nice if you could write a post about straitPortal, I’m curious to hear your vision on these subjects.


  6. Congrats, Oleg. Hope to read much more from you in the coming year!

  7. Stanislas says:

    Really nice blog!
    I’m enjoying it from just 2 months and it’s very accurate in the views you provide us.

    Keep on going.


  8. Michal Guelfand says:

    Mazal Tov to the guy that lives PLM 369 times a year !

    It’s even more than 365 days a year, at more than 360 degrees !

    Great reading your blog posts and insights !


  9. Manuel Joseph says:

    Keep it up Oleg !!

  10. Jim Brown says:

    Quite an achievment, happy Birthday to your blog. Thanks for keeping the conversation going and throwing out thought-provoking ideas.


  11. Dear Friends! Thank you for your support! We will keep blogging all together! Best, Oleg

  12. Arnaud says:

    Happy birthday, it is a real pleasure to read your PLM posts

  13. K Balasubramanian says:

    Happy Birthday. Your posts are very well written and thought provoking. Keep up the great work.

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