PLM Prompt: How to Present Cloud PLM Solutions?

How you can explain to customers about PLM on cloud (or on demand)?

Quite many times, I’m hearing a phrase “Cloud is not for PLM”.The cloud and on-demand topics were discussed multiple times, and I actually can find some very compelling reasons why cloud is good for PLM. I think everything starts from a good explanation. I found the following video (thanks Josh!) about Google Chrome OS as a very good explanation of why our life will move to cloud.

By the way – lesson #1. We don’t have to say “cloud”. It sounds complicated. Say – Internet! Do you like Internet? Yes, of course, we all like Internet.

Best, Oleg

2 Responses to PLM Prompt: How to Present Cloud PLM Solutions?

  1. François says:

    Hi Oleg

    Have you remarked that web design, graphics, fonts, ppt clip arts, that are used today to explain things to people are using childish way to draw, or with a paper drawing style?
    That was true as well for windows Azure, and many other sites.
    Is there a trend in that fact? Only to express simplicity of the concepts?

  2. Francois, You are right! The trend today is for “dumb simple stuff”. 5-7 years ago when we are talking about “dumb one button application”, everybody thought we are kidding, but now Apple is “one button apps”. Best, Oleg

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