PLM Prompt: PLM and the rise of Business Process Management

bpm-rise-and-plmI was reading Gartner research showing that BPM (Business Process Management) is rising despite the turbulent time and bad financial situation.

“Gartner Survey Shows More Than Half ofRespondents Plan to Increase Spending on BPM by More Than 5 Percent inNext 12 Months. Most business process management (BPM) practitioners expect their organizations to increase their spending on BPM by at least 5 percent over the next 12 months, according to recent surveys by Gartner, Inc. Despite economic turbulence, more than half of those surveyed plan to increase their spending on BPM efforts by more than 5 percent, and over a third of respondents plan to increase BPM spending by more than 10 percent”.

I found it as a significant danger for Product Lifecycle Management. PLM is trying to grow outside of engineering domains and focus on global enterprise process and collaboration. This is exact place where PLM can meet BPM vendors… So 10% BPM growth can be projected on potential $$$ loses of enterprise PLM vendors.

Just my thoughts, Good weekend! Oleg.

8 Responses to PLM Prompt: PLM and the rise of Business Process Management

  1. Roberto Picco says:

    I think you’re right. I feel that the buzzword around PLM benefits sounded like a fake to many companies because of bad implementations, mostly. Now the focus is on process, time to market reduction, efficiency, etc. The sad part is that many companies will benefit from actions in these fields… so PLM will loose focus.

  2. Roberto, I think PLM vendors need to capture process focus. Do you see it possible? Regards, Oleg

  3. Roberto Picco says:

    For my experience, process is a delicate topic to manage… and it varies so much… Please, keep us informed about these developments… :-)

  4. Roberto, Thanks! great discussion. Oleg

  5. Bhaskaran says:

    What I observed from a series of discussions, study and demos of PLM, they focus more on the document management and control, than the process. This definitely has to be addresses by the PLM vendors especially keeping in mind that those organizations planning to implement and / or integrate ERP and PLM.

  6. Bhaskaran, Thanks for your comment! Design and document control, this is something PLM originally came from, so these are roots, but this is need to be changed.
    PLM / ERP integration, unfortunately, continue to be issue industry discussing for last 10-15 years, in my memory… Best, Oleg.

  7. Patrick Ollerton says:

    Interesting analaysis and I agree for the most part. I work for PTC, and in the last 3-4 years we have undertaken a major shift towards prioritizing product development process improvements in our deployments. PTC belives the intergration of powerful content mgmt (of all product data) and integrated process mgmt makes us a compelling choice for product developers over pure BPM vendors. Windchill has a sophisticated, customizable workflow engine integrated with project/program level controls and also comprehensive business reporting capabilities to supplement our strength in managing digital product data.

    Despite the benefits we see as clear, not everyone does yet, and this “process-first” approach can be difficult to justify with many customers who expect to see technology first from a PLM vendor. We want to change that, and we have already started with several major projects. Needless to say, customer who optimize their processes as part of a PLM deployment see significantly greater benefits than those who expect new technology to fix organizational or process issues. And more and more are starting to realise it.

  8. Patrick, thanks for your thoughts! Indeed, I agree, this is not simple to implement “process first”. However, I do believe, good balance and short implementation steps can bring results fast. What is important is not to go to big and endless projects to change all processes in organizations. THanks! Oleg

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