PLM Prompt: Will PLM come to Android?

My short prompt for today. Two crossing messages

1- Google Inc plans to include support for business users in its Android operating system as soon as this year, pitting it against BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, a senior executive said [for more details here].

2-  Google CEO Eric Schmidt is resigning from Apple’s board of directors as the Internet search leader increasingly develops products that compete with Apple’s core businesses, including the popular iPhone.

My opinion we are going to see more Androids for enterprise and may be for PLM too? What is your view on this?


5 Responses to PLM Prompt: Will PLM come to Android?

  1. yml says:

    hello Oleg,
    I believe that any product running in a browser (HTML + a bit of JS, small foot print) will be supported by Android. The challenge will be to be able to “skin” the web application to make sure that it has a nice usable UI on a small screen.


  2. Yann, you are right. Current PLM (or even enterprise) apps are mostly designed for big screens. During last years (size was really cheap), display size becomes even more bigger. The only class of apps that were focused on small screen was iPhone-like. But I haven’t chance to see anything in production for such size… do you? Regards, Oleg

  3. Would love to know why producers are not inclined to tune their bigger stuff to fit on smaller screens despite the fact that such a methodology could be beneficial to both the ends of the market.

  4. SS tech says:

    The most awaited Mobile PLm revolution has begun. Check for yourself the solution developed by Porchys. I think this is just the begining as more and more players would all be providing the same services. So we can always expect a new revolution growing

  5. SS tech, thanks for mentioned it. Best, Oleg

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