DeskEng: S&C Electic and ENOVIA SmarTeam, Making BOM Management Pay Off

I’m happy to share with blog readers my article in Desktop Engineering. ENOVIA SmarTeam -Making BOM Management Pay Off. Real, practical, successful..


Best, Oleg

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3 Responses to DeskEng: S&C Electic and ENOVIA SmarTeam, Making BOM Management Pay Off

  1. Roberto Picco says:

    This sounded oh-so-marketing to me at first reading… :-) I love the passion you have in your work, Oleg, seriously. What you say is more than correct… I just wish you could convey also the blood-and-sweat work behind it. We have already discussed about it in the “buzzword” post. I was very interested in the article when I saw it because I’m craving for a good electrical CAD solution within Catia/ST boundaries. I’ve explored IGE-XAO solution, but it’s too advanced for our tasks. Do you have something in mind?

  2. Roberto, Customer story cannot be blog level… this is was Sunday one :)… with regards to your question – specifically S&C is not doing any work with IGE-XAO and they are not in CATIA eco-system. I had chance to touch IGE few years ago, but cannot say that I’m familiar very much with this environments. Best, Oleg/

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