PLM Prompt: BI on Cloud. Should PLM follow?

Coming question from Business Intelligence space. There are already several companies dealing with cloud BI - Pentaho, Good Data Corp. and some others. At the same time, as it appeared in Computerworld, Microsoft is postponing their plans for BI on a cloud until 2013. It initially announced as Windows Azure Services, now will be postponed until a next version of Office.

MS BI on cloud

Just end of week thoughts.. PLM is about a single version of truth. How do you think BI fits this space? Alternatively, how PLM fits BI space?

Best, Oleg

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2 Responses to PLM Prompt: BI on Cloud. Should PLM follow?

  1. yml says:

    The short answer is yes because the BI is the best way to monitor the ROI of the PLM implementation.

    This allows you to put in place a dashboard with the key indicators relevant to your PLM usage: Overview of the change management, number of modifications, …


  2. Yann, Practically, in most of the cases I seen, BI solution is disconnected and not operate together with PLM initiatives. From technological standpoint, all BI technologies distant from PLM… I think BI is not coming to PLM field yet.. Oleg

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