PLM Prompt: RIM vs. iPhone for PLM – where to go?

Short prompt. Reading interesting announcement – SAP and RIM Usher In a New Era for Enterprise Mobility. I think mobile is very promising. I had chance to mention it in few of previous posts.

Complexity Kills or Three Ways to Improve PLM Adoption

Connect Physical and Virtual World on iPhone?

SolidWorks eDrawings on iPhone

So, interesting question – what is the future of PLM for mobile devices from your standpoint?

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2 Responses to PLM Prompt: RIM vs. iPhone for PLM – where to go?

  1. solidsmack says:

    There’s gonna be utility for it, I’m sure. if not to display data, to transfer or augment data.

    the push notification tech is interesting, that could be applied directly to PLM. I go with (have chosen) iphone just because of the adoption rates and community development.

  2. Josh, thanks! Agree, iPhone have strong community and very visible. But BlackBerry position as workhorse in enterprise organizations for mail is very strong in my view. what do you think? -Oleg

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