PLM Prompt: Social PLM and Security

Note…  Reading very interesting study about higher vulnearability of social networkers.

We are all very excited about advantages of PLM social product development and social innovation. I think, social software brings a lot of potential.  But what will be security impact for these people and enterprises?

My short prompt. How do you see it?

4 Responses to PLM Prompt: Social PLM and Security

  1. murliram says:

    I have been watching the trend (studies) on vulnerability of social networkers. I guess it’s a double edged sword, we reap the benefits of sharing/learning while making us more vulnerable.
    In general I would expect PLM to be more secure since each company would want to protect its products, lifecycle. So IMHO social networking as applied to a company/enterprise should not increase vulnerability.
    I welcome your comments….

  2. murliram, Agree, by definition, as you will put your net behind firewall you will be more secured. The question is how many features and values you leave outside in this case. Companies are very scary about security impact of social networking and other web 2.0 tools… Oleg

  3. Samuel says:

    I think security issues will be the same for social tools and PLM tools. At the moment we’re not comparing them fairly. Our PLM tools are all inside the firefall. The social tools usually are not. Bringing them inside the firewall will make them more secure. But this is not in line with the trend to bring our tools outside the firewall to make partnering and collaboration with external easier. So, I think PLM suppliers will have to this in the same way social tool suppliers are.

  4. Samuel, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree. As soon as you move inside firewall you are secured, but automatically you cut your suppliers, partners and industry eco-system. So, to keep right balance is a key question from my standpoint.

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