PLM Prompt: Connect Physical and Virtual Worlds on iPhone

Short note. Impressive video about how you can merge photo with 3D models on iPhone using 3DVIA tools.  3DVIA is connecting virtual and physical worlds on iPhone.

This is promising. My opinion… what do you think?

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4 Responses to PLM Prompt: Connect Physical and Virtual Worlds on iPhone

  1. Roberto Picco says:

    Being a fan of 3DXML, the only thing I can say is “iPhone is too expensive for my pockets”… :-(

    [Oleg] I’m not iPhone user yet… but looks like they becomes cheaper (at least in US). And adoption rate is growing. For me hard decision is G1 vs. iPhone :).

  2. Roberto Picco says:

    In US they’re yours for 199 USD, but I think they come along with a subscription…

    [Oleg]You have new iPhone 3G/S for 199$ and existing 3G for 99$. And yesssss…. subscription :)..

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