COFES 2009: PLM vs not PLM?



Interesting definition of PLM vs. not PLM provided by Brad Holtz yesterday during his opening presentation on COFES 2009. I think, this is first time I’ve seen “PLM” and “not PLM” definition on a single slide.

I will be glad to hear you feedback for this discussion.

5 Responses to COFES 2009: PLM vs not PLM?

  1. François says:


    Yes nice to have both definitions on the same slide! Except it feels like having to sell something, it well resumes the point.

  2. Francois, you are right… actually my feeling about PLM on COFES was that everybody have their own definition of PLM. No consolidation. The preferred term by Cyon Research is design and engineering software. For me it sounds may be too narrow. Interesting to hear Brad, may be commenting on this. -Oleg

  3. Brad Holtz says:

    I do feel that there is no consolidation of the different visions that people label as PLM, which is why I (and others) believe the term has outlived its usefulness.

    For the record, the domain of Cyon Research is primarily that of the tools used for design and engineering. I did not mean to imply that “design and engineering software” is the term that we should use to replace “PLM” — it’s not a good substitute. Still looking.

  4. I agree, there is no consolidation, but indeed, I think there is some discussion and this is already positive. With all “hate and love” relationship to PLM term, I don’t see any visible alternative. Actually conversation “PLM vs not PLM” just confirms that we still need to find it. -Oleg.

  5. […] Actually, my first one was from COFES 2009 (PLM vs. non-PLM). It was Brad Holtz’s slide. You can see it here. […]

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