CAD/PLM Robot Swarms

I was inspired to see Josh’s post on Solidsmack – Your Future 3D CAD Interface May be Soft, Cozy Memory Foam. I think this is a great idea for an alternative user experience for CAD and design, which will make it more adaptive and user-friendly.

I find the research related to the usage of nano robotic devices very interesting. These devices are so small that they can be controlled by a sort of mixed virtual/physical environment that allows you to use CAD models and change them with your hands. This prototype of robot swarms, according to the article, was created  by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University



 I hope you enjoyed this video. I understand that it looks like a dream, but sometimes today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality…

6 Responses to CAD/PLM Robot Swarms

  1. Kate says:

    Excellent! Although what happens when the robot swarm gets out of control and starts swarming us? Maybe I’ve seen too many sci-fi movies . . .

  2. Kate, too many sci-fi movies :).. but take a look on this. You can see examples of what can happen to these robots

    Cheers, Oleg

  3. Josh says:

    Not out of the realm of possibility my friends. The US Department of Navy issued a big report on “Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design” – (see PDF link at top of this article)

    Wow, when you bring the word ‘swarm’ into the whole idea, that just makes it scarier. :)

  4. Josh, thanks for sharing link… looks like you are going to see the same sci-fi movies Kate mentioned :)…

  5. bethkate says:

    Ug. Have you read Dean Koontz’s book Midnight? Think nano-swarms injected into humans to create a race of hybrid human-roboswarms. Well, it’s actually worse. If you like this stuff you’ll luv the book! Very interesting videos and PDF!

  6. Kate, Thanks a lot! I found this book - Actually, I’m not big fan of sci-fi books, but this nano story was very inspiring me with thinking about how possible to create CAD technology to control nano devices from CAD 3D models. Regards,Oleg

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