7 Responses to Social Design and PLM

  1. Kate says:

    especially as the younger generations (that are more and more 3D & immersive technology friendly) rise up, i’d expect social design to really soar. from packaging to product features and design interface, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Oleg. excellent. It’s happening already, huh. Great example of this is the Bug Labs/IDEO relationship http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2009/01/redesigning-a-u.html

    It’s kinda funny too. I put up a post today that takes a bicycle design created in Rhino and asks everyone for input as it’s redeisgned in SolidWorks. That could very easily be turned into a site that opens the development process and social atmosphere around product that in turn helps builds a brand.

  3. Hi Josh. Thanks about comment link. It’s funny. I found company-social site doing exactly what you wrote – re-design.


    Take care!

  4. Oleg the fact PLM has not embraced this means they are behind, not that it isn’t being done. Salesforce.com has even released this functionality and don’t forget the age old suggestion box. Look at what Dell has done using the SF platform http://www.ideastorm.com/ and look at what Starbucks has done http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/.
    It wouldn’t take much to combine the http://www.salesforce.com/products/ideas/ platform with 3DVIA and make something useful and more aligned to the product. For instance what if the idea could be tagged to a location in the 3D Model? What if the idea could be further enhanced with additional data like a new model? What if after someone created and idea R&D could add a link to implementation concepts that people could further vote on? This would be a more realistic view of community or crowd sourcing then a fly telephone.

  5. Chris, I see multiple points in what you said: 1/idea management connection with crowd-sourcing; 2/connection between content (3D model) and other aspects of design, collaboration, implementation; 3/idea to future design process. I have to admit – I tried to be simple and said: there is huge benefit to involve social network of consumers into process of design. This is “flying phone” :)… As soon as we will link it with 1-2-3 points I mentioned above, he will stop flying and will be linked to overall process… Does it make sense for you?

  6. Josh says:

    I’m not completely familiar with it, but from what I’ve seen, CatiaV6 is addressing a lot of this collaborative design, social centric process to some degree. I imagine it will seep into other Dassault products before long.

  7. Josh, I don’t see it seep into design tools (like CATIA and SolidWorks). This is about to have option to collaborate with big community (and the important in my view – consumers) about design, style etc. Key for this is to enable content / model /etc. to be shareable with community. So, this is specific collaboration and, yes, it starts to be addressed by 3DVIA…
    Regards. Oleg

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