V6 Technologies for PLM 2.0

I’d like to share my view on V6 technologies Dassault Systems presented last week on our technological forum DevCon 2008. If you haven’t chance to join this conference you can explore some materials and video presentations in official DevCon Web Site (www.3ds.com/devcon) and DevCon 2008 Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20454081856).

 PLM 2.0

What make me very excited about V6 technology in the future is that this is first production system that allows making design and collaboration in 3D on top of application server running standard commercial relational database live and online. Until now people doing design in CAD for 2D or 3D were pretty locked to manage their information using files on disk or shared file storages. From now, this is not true anymore. Using CATIA V6 and ENOVIA V6 you are able to run your design, engineering and manufacturing projects without connection to particular workstation loaded with your assembly files. All design data is stored in central location powered by ENOVIA V6 server and accessible can be accessible for multiple locations and multiple application on very granular level in database. Re-use and leverage this data becomes much simpler than before when you were required to extract data from different CAD files and translating data to different formats.

Future V6 solutions will be able to access design, engineering and manufacturing data in database in order to streamline organization processes, optimizing supply chain and make product information available for consumers.


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  1. Housel says:

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  2. Housel, Thanks! Looking forward your comments and great discussions! Best, Oleg.

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